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At the moment Leah is having a long, hard think about what she is going to have etched on her skin to cover up her tattoo.

She's in no hurry to remove it immediately, although at the moment there's no word on whether ' Pizza Hut' might be the winning decision.

Usually, it’s a dried and pressed flower (those familiar with the source material will understand the meaning of the forty dried flowers), but Lisbeth’s motorcycle helmet and Harriet’s diary have also been found, along with the recent addition of a passport and bank bonds.

From the open spaces in the grid, it looks like 5 more major items are available in addition to the rest of the flowers.

Because that's what it was when you hacked into my computer. And if not'll do the washing up and you'll never see me again.

What I'm gonna do is tell you a story and if it entertains you maybe you'll decide to help me research further.

Blomkvist: Your boss, Armansky, he tells me you only do jobs that interest you.

He also says that you're the one he goes to when the job is sensitive.

The features a grid full of images and blanks where pictures of the artifact will be posted after it’s been found.While they’ve done the usual posting of images, clips and trailers, Columbia Pictures has also initiated the ever-popular scavenger hunt.New clues post in the form of images on the mouth-taped-shut page or on the @Mouth Taped Shut twitter account.THERE's a list of things you shouldn't do on holiday - usually stuff like marrying a waiter or wearing cringey tourist T-shirts.Getting a tattoo of the name of your favourite CURRY HOUSE after a massive night out has to rate pretty highly on the list too, but that's just what Leah Jade Price from Wigan did.

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