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The first pic is the original, the second is Justin’s edit, and the last one is mine. Finally it was time to actually make it to the concert.

I laid out our “grass seats” (green blanket), grabbed some lighters, turned off the lights, and put in Alice in Chains Unplugged for our own little personal “At- Home” concert.

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My next lesson will be to learn to play “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

I am not the instant guitar PRO I was hoping I would be, but I am going to keep practicing because it is so much fun.

I know not everyone has a free guitar lesson at their disposal, but you can always play a friendly VS game of Guitar Hero or break out the mike and sing Karaoke.

Thus, the early hit "Plush" is probably most indicative of the Vedder influence.

It's included here in its Headbanger's Ball acoustic version, so ready your Bics. Brett Scallions, Fuel Now that we've dealt with the only decent music on this list, the kid gloves can come off.

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    Her father got to know her mother when he was situated in Korea for his work.

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    The following chart, was originally printed in VG magazine, by Gerald Weber.

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    But prior to that, it was just, like, '90s, the awesome '90s experience. I went to an acting class when I was like 9 — yeah, about 9 maybe, maybe 8 or something, because I was very shy and a friend of ours suggested my parents take me to an acting class because he saw that I was really shy, but really animated by myself. And they took me to this class just to take up my time.