German dating etiquette pick up lines for on line dating

And often as a foreigner, you have the advantage of being different and intriguing.

More serious is that they often don’t know how to react to your flirting when you are.

Not that you'll be slapped right away, but your would-be quarry will no-doubt be thinking to herself, "Meinemutterhatmichschonimmervorsolchentypengewarnt." German chicks are simply wary of aggressive flirting. On their turf, the type of aggressive flirting practiced by the semi-desperate the world over will shake German women. Instinct kicks in and directness -- that silver bullet which vanquishes all well-intentioned flirts -- takes over.

If you've met German women outside of Germany, you may be tempted to dispute the above characterization of the German flirt. They’ll look at you with furrowed brow, and some apprehension. They'll turn away or let your sentences drop -- and with them your self-esteem -- into a heavy silence.

Which, if you haven’t already given up, might not be boring at all: Under those cold exteriors is often a hot, seething mass of passion.

The bottom line, though, is that it is often up to the foreign woman to break the ice in a way the German man understands: heavy on the warm-yet-serious discussion and lighter on the flippant-friendly-sexy thing.

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