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Description Your aim in this game is to collect all flowers as fast as possible. The faster you collect the flowers, the more points you will receive.

If you dont pick up a flower before it disappears, you will lose some points.

Please make sure you have read the chat rules listed above before participating.

We have the following adult chatroom to choose from below.

Building for the Java Cards is very easy, assuming you are running Debian you will want to install a Java JRE and JDK, the ant build tools, and git: $ mkdir ~/Documents/JCOP $ cd ~/Documents/JCOP $ git clone https://github.com/martinpaljak/Global $ git clone https://github.com/martinpaljak/Applet # Alternatively you can also use this other applet: $ svn checkout svn://sf.net/p/javacardopenpgp/code/trunk Javacard Open PGP AID: A000000003000000 (|........|) ISD INITIALIZED: Security Domain, Card lock, Card terminate, Default selected, CVM (PIN) management AID: A0000000035350 (|.....

SPA|) $ java -jar ~/Documents/JCOP/Global Platform/--install ~/Documents/JCOP/Applet Playground/Fluffy --default # Or alternatively $ java -jar ~/Documents/JCOP/Global Platform/--install ~/Documents/JCOP/Javacard Open PGP/bin/openpgpcard/javacard/--default $ java -jar ~/Documents/Global Platform/--list AID: A000000003000000 (|........|) ISD INITIALIZED: Security Domain, Card lock, Card terminate, CVM (PIN) management AID: D2760001240102000000000000010000 (|.v..$...........|) App SELECTABLE: Default selected AID: D27600012401 (|.v..$.|) Ex M LOADED: (none) D2760001240102000000000000010000 (|.v..$...........|) The card has its own set of default keys used to protect the applets.

It should be noted that we do not recommend you generate any keys on the card itself.

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