Dating scene minneapolis

I’ve spent nights out dancing with friends at the Gay 90’s, which often offers dollar drink specials.

I’ve also found myself meeting new people and engaging in conversation with friendly strangers at The Saloon and the 19 Bar, in Loring Park.

The article mentions various lame attempts at pickup lines being used to “break the ice,” some even intentionally (as a joke to initiate conversation).

None of these pickup lines would ever work at these bars with any sane people.

This New York Times article chronicling the dating habits of Minneapolis residents is missing a few key elements of our *wonderful* dating scene.

Here are my thoughts on the article and what they left out: So: who’s packin’ their bags for good ol’ MPLS?!

I must admit that even I have wound up going home from two-for-ones with someone I’d just met (I used to live just next door to the Nomad).

Heins, a tall, bearded, soft-spoken guy dressed entirely in black.

In fact, the only kind of dating mentioned in the article goes on between a man and a woman.

Are straight people the only people who are dating in Minneapolis?

Can any of us truly use the “Oh, it’s Minneapolis,” excuse to brush off those feelings? He also spent a Friday night at Club Jager, somehow finding a “Minnesota nice” vibe there (too bad he didn’t wind up there during Transmission, when the goths come out to play). Okay, so maybe those uptown hipsters interviewed for the article just don’t like music.

The writer of the article ventured to a couple of popular uptown bars to conduct his research, namely Mortimers and the C. The patrons he spoke to at Mortimers (which I guess does have okay pinball machines) dismissed the downtown nightlife scene as “characterized by cocktails and women in short sequined skirts.” What they neglected to mention is the vibrant scene downtown at First Avenue, where friends and I have gone to purchase many affordable mixed drinks and bottles of cheap champagne while having an amazing time seeing live acts such as The Kills, Wavves, James Blake, Animal Collective and Crystal Castles, as well as many local bands and hip hop artists like P. But what also isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article is the gay and lesbian dating scene, at places like the Gay 90’s club.

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