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Learn more about Missouri’s oldest Native American cultural site, and see a fully assembled (and fully intimidating) mastodon skeleton.

Or just hike the 425-acre site, feeling the enormous cache of ancient history beneath your waffle stompers.

Go grass-sledding on a block of ice on a hot summer’s day at Sioux Passage Park. Now look up: 200 species of birds take refuge in this Victorian strolling park. Then walk out on the skywalk over 64/40 (remember 64/40? Photograph butterflies at the Butterfly House at Faust Park. The spectacle of the market’s 100-plus stands always supersedes the shopping; in its hustle and bustle, its glorious swirl of humanity, Soulard ranks as St.

Better yet: Let the kids run around on the playground—one of North County’s best—until they’re tuckered out. (17930 Old Jamestown, 314-615-8840, 22. Feed the pygmy goats in the Tier Garten at Grant’s Farm, Affton’s 281-acre wonderland. Picnic at Tower Grove Park’s Fountain Pond—the stone ruins would fire Byron’s European imagination, but they’re really bits of the Lindell Hotel that burned in 1867, and the stone balustrade on the south shore came from the original U. (4256 Magnolia, 314-771-4436, 24. Either you can spend a rapt hour mastering the capture of perpetual motion, or you can take the fun route: Bring a child and snap one of the cutest photos ever, a butterfly perched on his or her button nose. Louis’ closest approximation to a Middle Eastern bazaar.

Even better, try watching them dive for fish in the churning waters at Lock & Dam 24 in Clarksville. Commissioned upon the tragic death of young Charlotte Dickson Wainwright, the tomb is considered one of the masterpieces of American architect Sullivan, who created the modern skyscraper and mentored Frank Lloyd Wright. Or you can kiss the relic containing a sliver of bone from St.

Inside the 125-ton torqued-spiral sculpture , commissioned specifically for the courtyard of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. The series roster runs the gamut—from Mo Rocca to Madeleine Albright, Karen Armstrong to Noam Chomsky, Cornel West to Stephen Jay Gould—but it’s always compelling. An opening-night performance at the Opera Theatre of St. Yourself “play” the classic “Maple Leaf Rag” on the player piano at the Scott Joplin House. The Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington, 314-533-9900, 72. Pack a picnic, take a blanket, go to the north entrance and get in the mood. You have to be born or marry into those seats in the pit, and quite honestly, they’re too close and too low to see well. From Bantu families to Bosnian bachelors, from Chinese kids to Russian octogenarians, they’re all filled with the hope of a new beginning. (100 Plaza Frontenac, 314-994-5050, 100. The signature espresso martini, sinking into the sofa by the fireplace in the Ritz-Carlton lobby.

After you take the 50-plus steps inside—the height is 13 feet 7 inches, and the total length of the steel would be at least 150 feet stretched out—the world has been shut out, and you’re utterly absorbed by just two things: art and sky. Put on your green and purple, scrounge up some beads, and trot your pooch down to Soulard. Save your pup the embarrassment, and leave that “oh so adorable” just-for-doggies court jester hat at home. Through the Way of Lights at the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville—5 mph would be too fast. Louis, after indulging in the famous Picnic on the Lawn. The Pink Sisters—a contemplative order that maintains silence and prays around the clock for the rest of us—sing an ethereal Midnight Mass at Mount Grace chapel. While you’re there, see the museum, Joplin’s re-created living quarters and, across the street, the new Rosebud Café, which replicates St. If you’re opting for the cheap seats, get there early and make friends in line—it’s a community unto itself. (100 Carondelet Plaza, 314-863-6300, 101. A thin-crust Imo’s deluxe pizza, just made and hot enough to burn the roof of your mouth.

(6101 Government Drive, 314-367-2224, 17. Pick at least one ritual of your own in this festival-rich city: Mardi Gras in Soulard, the St. Louis, one of the Greek festivals, the Festival of Nations, the Polish Festival at the Polish Falcons Gardens, the French festivals in Ste. If you don’t dance, grab a table, order up a burger and enjoy the music—these are real live big bands, as they were meant to be heard. The cats at Casa Loma are anything but predictable. If you grew up Catholic, finding a seat in a musty old church gym with a paper plate full of fried fish and slaw is nostalgia at its best; if you grew up outside the fold, it’s more authentic than Filet-O-Fish—and the miracle is, there’s always more. Find your favorite place to watch the riverfront fireworks—whether it’s the Barnes-Jewish crosswalk, SLU’s quadrangle, the spinning top of the Millennium Hotel or a wooded hill in the park, just off the globe-lit path to the fairgrounds, between trees in the moonlight. Drive down the river road in the fall and stop at Eckert’s Orchards in Grafton to pick your own apples.

(3354 Iowa, 314-664-8000, 20. Rendezvous with faux-fur trappers, colonial soldiers, settlers, and blacksmiths at Fort de Chartres in Prairie du Rocher. Orchard workers drive you out to the arbor on a tractor-powered wagon, where you wander through the trees, gathering as much fruit as you can carry.

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